Hot Stone Massage

HOT STONE MASSAGEhot-stone-massage

How is hot stone massage done?

Don’t be scared off by the name Hot Stone, this should be more of a warm stone massage so no one should be burning you with heated stones. The key is communicating with your therapist on pressure and heat so you are getting what you paid for. You are paying a lot most of the time for a massage it is important to get what your muscles need.

Hot stone massage can be done in two different ways, it can be done as all warm stones used as an extension of the therapist hands to get a little deeper into the muscles. It can also we used as a combination of stone with hand massage to get a more detailed massage into the muscles. Every therapist is different, they should go over the treatment with you at the start of the service  and let you know what you will receive during the massage if they use hot towels or just stones and so on.

Benefits of Hot Stone massage include :

  • Relax The muscles
  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Circulation
  • Can help Reduce anxiety disorders and depression

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