Calm your mind, body and spirit.  Swedish massage uses gentle, gliding strokes that help soften tense and sore muscles.  During this full body massage, our skilled massage therapist will customize the service to your individual needs.  Light to moderate pressure is applied.

60 min / $80
90 min / $120
120 min / $160

Deep Tissue
Deep Tissue massage uses slow strokes and firm to deep pressure to work on tight areas to release specific muscle tension and restore flexibility.  This technique is very helpful for anyone suffering from chronic muscle aches.  It also helps to release and remove toxic build-up from the body.

60 min / $90
90 min / $135
120 min / $180

Lava Shells
Heated lava shells are used as an extension of the hands with gliding strokes to relieve tension and stress in the body

60 min / $110
90 min / $155
120 min / $199

Warm Stone
Allow the warm basalt stones to restore a sense of balance while increasing circulation and overall relaxation.

60 min / $99
90 min / $145
120 min / $189

Custom Massage
Customize the service Pressure, Aromatherapy and includes hot stones to heat up the tissue and allow the therapist to work into the muscles deeper then before.
60 min / $110 
90 min / $155
120 min / $199

Ease the effects of your growing body.  This massage is designed to pamper pregnant women by reducing stress, strain and fluid retention.  For expectant moms after their first trimester.
30 min / $65
60 min / $110


Scalp Massage
A unique blend of warm oils are poured gently over the head, stimulating the scalp and enriching the hair while sending you into a deep state of relaxation.

15 min / $20

During this treatment the therapist will apply pressure to different points of the feet to create balance and harmony within the body.  It may also help to improve circulation, soothe the nervous system, reduce stress and normalize bodily functions.
15 min / $20

Body Polish
Enjoy a full-body sugar exfoliation followed by an application of a rich body butter to restore hydrated silkiness to your skin.  An excellent precursor to your massage treatment!
15 min / $25

Add On’s

Organic Agave oil
No Time added / $10

Guac Star Eye Masque
No Time added / $10

Farm House Fresh Face Masque
No Time Added/ $10

Nourishing Hand Or Foot Masque
No Time added / $10

Nourishing Hand & Foot Masque 
No Time added / $15

Farm House Fresh Sunflower Honey Butter
No Time Added/ $10